This is countryside of Japan. Day1.

Hello, I’m Kiku living in Malaysia, but in this summer vacation, I am here at my daddy’s hometown!! The place located in Ehime, It will be about 2 years since last visit.


My daddy’s house is located at very very country side of Uwajima city, what fun is that we can do fishing in front of our house!!

Straight away, I gonna start fishing! Let’s go see what we get…
They already started without me!
Oh look! My sister caught something. hahaha!


Oh my gosh! I caught octopus! I’m so lucky! We are going to eat it.
Takoyaki or what.
My grandmother is good chef of the seafood.

We can catch many kind of fishes in Uwajima and picture above is one of them. We could catch those fishes in shallow places, maybe 5m? Its very casual and fun!
Actually the scorpion fish is very delicious. After the fishing, my grandma cooked what we got today.


Oh! My octopus became Italian food tonight! So yummy!!
I was born in Tokyo, so this place is like secret resort for me.

It’s not only fishing. We can play a lot too! It’s the best spot for playing and fishing. I will show you around another exiting spot of countryside of Japan.
See ya!


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