Fun time in Ehime! Day.2

My father’s house is located between sea and mountain.
I can do many things in here such as swimming, fishing and playing. As you see the picture above, this place is such a kampomg village.

It’s depends on how the wind condition, and how the flow of the tide goes, but when you can see the crystal clear water, then you can swim!
The point is when you see the red tide, means there are too many plankton so in the case, you should give up the swim, but today is such a great condition. Lucky me!!


Today, we went to an island hopping to swim by my uncle’s boat. The fishes were so beautiful like I saw a lot of blue fishes school. It was best time for swimming!


Sometimes I saw caves below the mountain. It was cozy and cold. The water was very clear. I saw some crabs and clams, inside it was very small so it almost bumped on my head!!

If you are lucky, you can also find hot spring spot for a short while. When the sea would get lower and if the sun is strong, there are ponding get heated and you can enjoy small hot spring! While me and my father enjoy fishing, My mother and sister were relaxing in the ponding.

So this is what I can play in my hometown there is more other things to play. I hope you will enjoy Ehime!

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