Pokemon-Go Guide for beginners in Malaysia!


A guide for people who don’t know what is Pokemon-GO

Apart from my obsession with Candy Crush Saga back when it first came out, I am quite oblivious to the gaming world.

So when my friends in Japan were all crazy about Pokemon Go, I snubbed them because i thought the game makes people non compos mentis.

And then yesterday, i heard that Malaysia is apart of the “Poke World”.

What is the Pokemon Go?

OK, so my question is this… WHAT IS POKEMON GO?

Pokemon-Go is a game similar to a treasure hunting which combines the game with your environment by using your phones camera.

You can simply download them for FREE.

The rule is very simple.
Basically all you have to do is find the pokemons by exploring everywhere around you.
This literally means that players must physically move around in the real world!
So I was wondering if this game fits Malaysia or not. We don’t really commute around on our legs!

For example, in Japan, Pikachu is only available in very few places such as Shinjuku Koen (Park).


Playing games like Candy Crush Saga is still OK since no one will ever notice me playing the game, apart from the ones who could see my screen that is.

However, Pokemon-Go is on a whole new other level. People are walking through the world through their phones! Even my best explanation doesn’t make any sense.
It’s quite amazing that the Poke Zombies are unmindful and clueless of the people around them!

(By the way, I always tell my kid that games aren’t good for him.)

An aunty playing the game in the public isn’t so good too, right?

When I found out that one of my closest friend started playing it,
I thought at least I wanted to know why People love it so much.
So leave me some comments and let me know why is it so fun ehhh?? I want to know!

Ok. Here’s some collected tips!

Some tips to start Pokemon Go

There are three steps to start Pokemon Go.

1. Install an app into your phones.
2. Register yourself.
3. Answer some questions including social settings.

I must confess that starting Pokemon Go was NOT as easy as I would have imagined.

Then allow “Pokemon Go” to access your location while you use the app.
Then, sign up. By the way, I don’t like the hassle of all these signing up thingy.

By selecting “Pokemon Trainer Club”, you have to enter your username and password. They will ask your personal information such as birthdays…
After the registration, they kept asking me to put Social Settings but I ignored.


Then this guy will show up and fill you through with the tutorial before starting the game.



Let’s start with some basic tips for playing Pokemon

After registration and the short start guide,  I was ready to play. The game started with my character standing in the middle of the road, and the character walks when i do.
I thought that was pretty cool!


Every single time there’s a Pokemon nearby, the phone will vibrate.
Once you touch the Pokemon, you will need a poke ball to catch the Pokemon.

How to catch?
Just swipe up on your phone.

Sounds simple right?
Well it took me several attempts for me to actually get my first catch!



What should I do when I run out of Poke ball?

You can visit a Poke stop near you. This is the Poke stop.

When you touch Poke stop (and it’s close enough), you can get items including Poke ball by swiping the screen left to right. (Spin the round picture)

Then you can save Poke balls to catch more Pokemon.
Other useful items are also provided at Poke stop.

This is a Poke Stop where you can get extra balls.

The fun part of Pokemon go is you never know which Pokemon you will run in to.

What is the “Rare Pokemon”?

In Japan or US, there are these ” Rare Pokemon nest“, which means if you go certain spot, there’s a higher chance for you to find a rare Pokemon. It’s now a trend where Poke Trainers to go on a hunt to these places to catch the rare ones on the weekend.

This can entertain your girlfriend who’s totally bored going shopping with you. I hope that some of you will be able to tweet something like ” I got 10 Snorlax at xxx park!” on Twitter in Malaysia soon!!!

This is basic guide of how to start Pokemon go.
Now you can start playing the game and won’t be left behind by your friends who are already playing it.
And maybe, this game might not be for you. But you’ll never know if you’ve never tried right?

For me?

Honestly… I’m into it more than I thought. Coz…
Pikachuu is tooooo adorable!!

By Aunty Coco.


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