A Japanese takes KTM ——From KL Sentral to Ipoh

When I first heard about the “Tone Race”, I had no idea what it meant.
Then I googled it but still couldn’t find any results.
Then I asked my Malaysian friends, and they didn’t know either.

Ehhh…OK…It turned out to be a big treasure hunting event held by KTM and sponsored by a phone company named TONE.

OK…then I got it…but what is treasure hunt??
In Japan, I have rarely heard this other than school time…
Anyway, before I find out what it is,
I decided to join the “train tour” to ALOR SETAR.


Train! Train!
As you know, as a Japanese, I love train trips!

Yes…most of the Japanese are very familiar with the trains from their childhood.
We love trains because they are comfortable, safe, convenient and somehow charming.
So taking a train to Alor Setar sounded really fantastic to me even though it takes a long time!

I went to KL central station by Uber around 7:00 a.m.
There were already plenty of people there…I estimated it to be over 300 people!
I asked myself, “Are they all going to join the trip together?

When the train started from the station, it was already 8:15 in the morning.

The train was comfortable. There are toilets and a café, and to my surprise an electrical outlet at every seat.
This was fantastic because whenever my iPhone’s battery starts getting low I feel lonely and miserable. And it seems to lose power whenever I’m expecting an important call!

That’s why I always try to get the front row of the car in Shinkansen (the bullet train in Japan). Power is available only in that section.
They say this train comes from Korea. Ohhh no wonder!

The only problem was that the air-conditioning on the train is too strong.
Therefore, I heartily recommend that you guys bring warm clothes when you board it!



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