A Japanese takes KTM 2—-from IPOH to ALOH SETAR

We reached the IPOH railway station around 10:30.
It is a magnificent station!
Then we had lunch there.

To my surprise, the lunch came with durians!
Lunch with DURIANS?
I never imagined durians being served as a fruit!
I guess my son would have fainted if he was here as he dislikes the smell of them.
But I love them!

People are doing the “TONE RACE” during this embarkment.
I found they were solving problems while walking through the city.
The hints were hidden somewhere in Ipoh, so they needed to walk around and find them!


They also have a Car Hunt and a Train Hunt besides the Walk Hunt.
It was one of the biggest treasure hunting games ever in Malaysia!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the questions because they were all written in Malay.

After lunch , we boarded the train.

I must tell you, from Ipoh to Alor Setar, the scenery was the best!
I was fascinated by the scenery from the window of the train all the time.
Around Ipoh, there are a lot of mountains and cliffs.

DSC_0059 DSC_0076 DSC_0079
Then after a long tunnel, we finally reached Taipin station.


I found out this railway was built in 1885!
And the old station is still used as a small museum.
After Taipin, the scenery became slightly different…mountains eventually disappeared then I saw a big lake followed by rice fields which reminded me of the Japanese countryside.
(But I must tell you I have allergies to the rice flower omg! So for me, it’s better to stay in KL…hahaha)

Finally around 17:00, we arrived at the Alor Setar railway station.

It was my first visit to Alor Setar.
I found it was a cozy, small town with a lovely, peaceful atmosphere.


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