A Japanese went to Alor Setar

Before I came to Alor Setar, my knowledge of the city was quite blurred.

I only knew that it is in northern Malaysia and a good place for escaping from hazes as its API is always so low. (Note: I always keep checking haze conditions in order to escape the KL haze).
I also knew that it is located near the borderline.

I guess some of you are wondering why I get excited when we hear the word “borderline”.
For me, the word “borderline” sounds fascinating because we don’t have any borderlines on our land.

スクリーンショット 2016-08-29 9.39.04

I always wonder how everything can be changed so suddenly around the borders!

Anyway, Alor Setar is a lovely and cosy peaceful town.


AlorSetar Tower is the tallest tower in the town.


They say this is the biggest shopping mall in the northern part of Malaysia. And indeed it was huge!

I wanted to try their Nasi Lemak because they say the way they make Nasi Lemak is different here.
It was true indeed!

Normally, our Nasi Lemak is made with coconut milk. But here, they make it with gee!

I like to see the small rice pack…
sorry this photo is so blur!


So, Nasi Lemak looks more yellowish. Nevertheless, it was really tasty although it was awfully spicy compared to the Japanese preparation. Besides, this one cost only 1 RM!

My friend ate Cya Kuay Tyao, which was also very tasty.

Dinner’s done! And with it, today’s agenda seems to be accomplished!

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