The 5th Bon-Odori at Publica

Good news for all Bon-Odori fans!
The 5th Bon-Odori Dance Festival to be held at the Publica in Kuala Lumpur on September 17. 2016.

You can enjoy Yukata contest, Kids Hiphop dance, Yosakoi dance and Fun games among other things.

This year’s theme for Publika Go Bon Odori is the “Maneki-Neko” or better known as the beckoning cat which is often believe to bring in good luck.

Time Programme
5.00 pm Fun Games and Japanese Food Galore
5.30 pm Yagura Parade
6.00 pm Opening Ceremony
6.10 pm Kids Dance Performance
6.30 pm Yasokoi So-ran Dance
6.45 pm Bon Odori Dance – Part 1
7.00 pm Yosakoi So-ran Dance
7.15 pm Kids Dance Performance
7.45 pm Bon Odori Dance – Part 2
8.00 pm Yukata Kawaii Contest
8.30 pm Bon Odori Dance – Part 3
9.30 pm Fireworks

Find your Yukata for Bon-Odori in KL
The origine of Bon-Odori

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