A slow-style yoga with a Crystal Ball music session

When I first joined the gym in Malaysia, I found that the yoga style seemed to be completely different from what I knew in Japan.

For me, it was very difficult to follow even their easiest session as my body is super stiff.

My first yoga experience in Tokyo was a session at a temple.
It was a very slow style and super easy to follow.
Therefore, I thought I could do it although I hate sports.
After three years of power yoga sessions in Malaysia, now I am getting used to it.
However, most of my Japanese friends still can’t accept it, saying it is too fast, too tough, etc., etc.

Anyway, it is very different, indeed.

Yesterday, one of my Japanese friends who owns a flower studio asked me to try a yoga session there.

They said that their yoga is a kind of mixture of Yin Yoga, which is a slow-style yoga, and a Crystal Ball music session.
I thought to myself OK.
It is worth a try.
I think the studio is an ideal place for relaxing.
Located at Bangsar, it has attracted a lot of fashion-conscious people with its coziness.
Yes yes…
I must admit that I am the last person who seems to visit there though!

The yoga itself was conducted by a Japanese lady.
Her style was gentle and relaxing.
We did a few simple poses at a very slow pace.
Each pose lasted at least three minutes.
All the instructions were given in Japanese as all of us were Japanese.
Although there was no air-conditioning, the wind was cool and comfortable.

We also heard a lot of natural sounds from outside, like birds singing!
Lastly, we had a relaxing pose, and during the pose, we heard the sounds of a crystal ball.
The sound was mysterious and terrific…
I was deep in meditation with it.

When we finished the session, I found myself refreshed.

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