Salty Ramen or Clear Ramen? That’s the problem!

Although most Malaysians like Japanese food, some of them can’t accept its ramen taste.
Whenever I took my Malaysian friends to a ramen shop, their honest comments go like this:

1. “The soup is too salty!”
2. “Not spicy enough.”

When a famous ramen shop opened in One Utama,I introduced some of our Malaysian friends to the food served there. However, they too said that the soup was too thick and salty.

Indeed, when the ramen in Malaysia and Japan are compared, the taste of each cuisine’s soup is quite different.

Malaysia’s ramen soup is clear and not spicy.
Japan’s ramen soup is thick and sometimes very salty.

And, it is true. The Japanese take a lot of salt. According to a survey, the Japanese take 11.3g of salt per day, while the WHO suggests that our ideal salt consumption is 5g a day. That’s why we have a high rate of stomach cancer when compared to other races.

Errr… there is one Japanese ramen shop owner who experiences a dilemma over this.
She has both Malaysian and Japanese customers at the same time, and their demands are almost opposite.

When she prepares the soup with a little salt, the Japanese customers complain that it is not salty enough. However, when she makes the soup salty, the Malaysian customers say it is too salty.

Do you think this is true?
I want to know your opinion. Please feel free to comment!

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