A window cleaning show held in the Sky Tree!?

Although my home in Tokyo is quite close to the Tokyo Skytree, I have never visited it.

These are the reasons:
1. I am very lazy.
2. I don’t like crowded places.
3. I hate queuing.
4. Hey, it is just a radio tower! Nothing more than it, right?

However… this is something different!

Yes, when I heard that there is a show on the tree, I was like, ‘WOWWWW!’
The name of the show is “Wipe UP”.
Apparently, there is a window-cleaning entertainment show being held 350 metres above ground at the Skytree!

Hey, I want to see it!!
As I am staying in Malaysia now, I have never seen it.

One thing that I love about Tokyo is that there are too many crazy people.

They use cleaning equipment and give a full-scale musical performance in the STOMP style.

Err… but is it possible for us to see the show 350 metres from the bottom of the tree?

When I go back to Japan, I will definitely see this show!


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