Anista Tokyo – Malaysia’s first ever pop-up character café, recently opened at the Mid Valley!

Calling all the kawaii fans in Malaysia!

Have you heard of Anista Tokyo, which has just opened at the Mid
Valley this month?


Errr… as a middle-aged aunty, I am not personally a fan of kawaii
characters. However, I was curious when I heard that we now have
Malaysia’s first ever pop-up character cafe in the Mid Valley. At
last, there are such cafes from Tokyo coming in! Let’s all go and try

The cafe is located in the Aeon mall at the Mid Valley. They are
featuring the Alpacasso, the beloved Japanese character that inspired
a cult following among arcade game players and students in Japan.
This adorable character is based on an alpaca, and some of the
Malaysian young friends already knew about it! Wow! Ok… Ok, I do admit
I like alpacas, they are really cute!

This café offers food and drinks shaped as the characters! That’s why
they call it a character cafe.

curry pancake cup

I ordered a pancake and some coffee, and I must say, I liked it. The
cream on the pancake was very fresh and not too sweet.


I found the café to be really Japanese . Actually, the menu was made in Japan and
all the cooks learned how to cook in Japan! No wonder, the taste of
everything at the café reminds me of Japan, including their coffees.


Errr… however, the problem was, it was difficult to cut through
Alpacasso’s face on the cake, as it was so adorable. Hahahahaha…

I also tried their green “Garden Fresh Smoothie” and it was really
awesome! I’d definitely recommend it!

They say that they are planning to change their theme character every
three months!

Hey, this is their cheese cake!!!!
Hey, this is their cheese cake!!!!

So if you want to taste Alpacasso-themed food, you must visit the café
before they change the character!

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