Halloween Party @Legoland! 

If you are looking for an ideal place for kids who want to enjoy the Halloween month to the max, visit Legoland, a fun place for kids, where they surely will enjoy the Halloween atmosphere fully!


Actually, this was the first time I visited Legoland. Yeah. I knew that it is a very popular place.


First of all, we saw that the entire theme of the theme park was changed to a Halloween theme. Then we saw a lot of “zombies” walking around! Of course! Kids were so excited to see them! (Though I must tell you, some kids sure will be scared of them.)


The party is filled with special Halloween activities for kids like Halloween Show, Ballroom Maze and Spooky Mainland tour.

The kids were going gaga over the stamp rally. In fact, I also wanted to join, but they said aunties cannot join the stamp rally. haha.

My kid, who is 12, definitely loved the stamp rally that was held by the ghosts!

And you know what? Ironically, the ghosts were so friendly!

14433073_10209554909523323_2031430845125807150_nI enjoyed the dance show by zombies. I saw the real “Thriller” at close quarters!

This special Halloween party at the Legoland theme park will be heldon  October  7–8, 14–15, 21–22, 28–29.



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