The 6th Kakei Gakuen Japanese Speech Contest in Malaysia!

I went to the 6th Kakei Gakuen Japanese speech contest which was held on October 2 at the Holiday Villa hotel in Subang.

Among 20 entrants of the  speech contest , Chinese Malaysian,Loh Shen Nie  was awarded grand prize.

Errr…I was really speechless. The level of the contest was so high.

First of all, almost all the stories were excellent and fun.
The theme of the speech was“The most important thing to me”.

One guy said it was a pillow which was given to him when he was a small child (Errrr…the guy even named the pillow, and the story was soon dramatic!) …a girl said it was a pencil (OMG! Can you believe that she kept talking about her love for pencils for five minutes with such a big passion! She was so creative!), some said it was his old friend (and this story was also quite dramatic and impressive). One guy talked about his diet…hey, he lost so much weight and his story was really enjoyable.

As a professional Japanese editor, I must tell that their story telling was outstanding.
So guys…even though you weren’t selected as a winner, please be confident in yourself.

I must tell you that their Japanese pronunciation was awesome…and they very seldom had grammatical errors as well. One Chinese lady, when I heard her speaking, was so fluent that I thought she was a native Japanese; her story was also excellent. A Malay lady also spoke like a Japanese!

Besides this, I was impressed to see your ways of expression. Some talked as if they were acting like someone else, some had a speech with a lot of emotional gestures. A guy totally acted like a comedian; yes, I would eager to see his talk again. One guy talked quietly; I thought he talked just like a Japanese man… it is difficult to explain…but I saw a lot of Japanese men who talk like him. He was also good. Ahhh…I can’t write enough!

Errr….to make a long story short, winners were, of course, excellent. However, the others were also awesome.

Thank you and good job guys! I strongly believe that you Malaysians are linguistic genius.

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