2016 Autumn Leaves Forecast

If you are planning to visit Japan during this autumn season in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the beautiful autumn leaves (Kouyou), please follow the Autumn Leaves Forecast.

According to the Weather News, Kouyou in 2016 will be a little delayed compared to the previous years.

Every year, it starts in the Hokkaido area during September, and proceeds to the southern locations, like Kyushu. In the highland areas, the Kouyou start falling earlier than it does in other places due to the cold weather.

The latest forecast has just been released on the website below. You can follow the updates on the Kouyou on this website.


This map shows the forecast in Japanese. Even though the text is in Japanese, the numbers are not. So you can guess the time of the year from the chart. http://weathernews.jp/s/topics/201609/060585/

This website called Must See Japan can also help you in preparing for the Kouyou.

Please make your booking as soon as possible if you are planning to visit touristic places such as Kyoto during this season.


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