SOU – An omakase restaurant! Join the food adventure!

Do you know what an omakase restaurant means?

Omakase(お任せ)is a Japanese word which means “I will leave it to you”.
In an omakase restaurant, there is no à la carte menu. All the guests must leave the choice of a menu entirely to the chef. He will present a series of plates, beginning with the lightest fare and proceed to the heaviest and richest dishes.

Whenever I hear the word “omakase”, I feel thrilled. As a Japanese, I have always been surprised by a chef’s omakase. It usually means a dish which is very creative and quite unique and something I have never tasted!

SOU is one of the omakase restaurants in KL. Opened this year, SOU has attracted a lot of customers including celebrities. According to the manager, Ms. Mina, the word omakase is now becoming famous among people in KL as well. Is that true?

Through omakase, we communicate with the chef. He challenges us sometimes and we reply by eating the dish. It is a food adventure indeed. So the fee of omakase should not be so cheap. OK?

The chef of SOU is a Japanese who was born in Yokohama. He has over 20 years of experience in Yokohama and Tokyo. He has imported almost all the ingredients from Japan; I am sure you will feel like you are dining in Japan.

By the way, if you have something you don’t want to eat (ex. if you are vegetarian or don’t eat beef, they will arrange for that as well) let’s try it.

When I visited the place,I orderd sushi lunch course cost RM168++.



Overall, their dishes are so creative and wonderful. I was surprised that almost all the ingredients had different sauces! Even the dessert are unique; the chef surprised me a lot! (It is a secret… please try and see it!)

SOU omakase restaurant
Address: Lot G247, Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City

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