Rio Yamase, violin concert, “Night of Aurora” @ Mont Kiara

Rio Yamase, who was born in Malaysia, is a Japanese violinist, arranger, and composer.

Yamase studied violin at the Toho Gakuen University, Tokyo, from where she graduated with the highest scores. Following this, she also studied the Hardanger violin.
A Hardanger violin is a traditional string instrument, which was originally used to play Norwegian folk music.

I went to her concert at 1 Mont Kiara named the “Night of Aurora” on 15 October 2016.

Yamase wore a lovely dress at the concert and fascinated the audience.
Although it was the first time I had listened to the Hardanger violin, it reminded me of something quite familiar and nostalgic.
Her music was filled with a kind of richness that touches the soul, and it was clear and charming at the same time.”She played some classical pieces, including the compositions of Norwegian composer, Grieg, as well as some popular music like the ones in Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

To my surprise, while she was playing, she moved around the tables, and it looked like as if she was dancing. This enabled the audience to enjoy her music from a close distance. After the concert, many people wanted a photo with her.
Thank you, Rio, for the happy night!

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