Legoland Park – launching of the NINJA GO RIDE  Part III

The following day was the launch of ‘NINJA GO –the ride’. The launch began with speeches and performances by acrobatic ‘little ninjas’. After an entertaining opening ceremony the Ninja Go ride was finally launched, allowing us to be one of the first to try it out.


img_2216 img_2235

The Ninja Go ride, the first of its kind in Asia, is reportedly the largest investment (over RM40 million) that the park has made aside from its grand opening. Using high-tech sensors individuals interactively emit fire balls, ice shards, lightning bolts and shockwaves with a simple hand gesture while being immersed in a ‘4D dark ride’ featuring smoke, heat and wind; all of which is inspired by the popular LEGO NINJAGO tv series and merchandise.

Unfortunately, while we were on the ride, they had to shut the power down in the middle for ‘security reasons due to interference from cameras’. After a wait the crew came to unfasten us from our vehicle and we were escorted out of the ride.

Fortunately, however, they reopened the ride after a brief period of time and we got to try it for a second time. I have to first mention, I am personally not a fan of 4D as I find it rather nauseating. The ride however, will definitely be enjoyed if you do have a tolerance or are interested in 4D experiences.


It does not fail to immerse you into a virtual reality adventure of battling the evil snake tribes, skeletons, and ghosts. Throughout the 3 and a half minute journey you’re completely zoned into the game, overtaken by your competitive side trying to beat your other (up to) 3 mates to the high score. At the end of the ride, there are screens displaying your high scores and a stall where you can print your photo if you like.

Legoland Malaysia which has been “awarded Best Tourist Attraction in the Man-Made Attraction category (2015/2015), ranked No.1 in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s choice award (2016) as the first choice families hotel in Malaysia” and “received the Merit Award at the Landscape Design Awards (2015)” has definitely paved its path for only more future success with the launch of its new and unique ride.

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