Legoland Park – launching of the NINJA GO RIDE part II

The Legoland park houses more than 70 rides, slides and entertainment sources such as shows and other attractions. Synchronizing with the theme, the park is decorated with over 15,000 amazing artisan Lego sculptures.

img_2016As the day we visited Legoland was a few days before Halloween, the park had taken the initiative to feature decorations as per the holiday season.


One of the first areas you encounter after entering the main gates showcases numerous miniature lego structures of notable landmarks in Asia. The amount of detail and effort for each piece is visibly immense.

img_2085 img_2063

Since we arrived at the park on time for a late lunch, we headed straight to the ‘Market Restaurant’ for lunch.

img_2001Although they had a selection of Western and local food in kid combos or adult combos, I was not too pleased with the food. I had the roasted chicken set which, as per portion was big, but was not served hot. Additionally, the mushroom soup that came with the set was more of a puree rather than a soup and the vegetables were rather over boiled.

Unfortunately I only managed to try the food at the ‘Market Restaurant’, there are however, a number of other eateries such as restaurants, cafes, and stalls dispersed across the parks which do look promising.
The following day was the launch of ‘NINJA GO –the ride’. The launch began with speeches and performances by acrobatic ‘little ninjas’. After an entertaining opening ceremony the Ninja Go ride was finally launched, allowing us to be one of the first to try it out….

(to be continued…)

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