The Japanese actress who speaks Malay in JKK season 2

A collaborative drama “J.K.K. season2” (Hachamecha village) of Japan TV & Malaysia TV3 is now on air from 20th November 2016.


Ms. Yuumi (Yuumi Kato 加藤遊海)is playing the role of Mikan Nakamura, the new special supporting character.
She was born in Japan, but when she was 5 years old, she moved to Malaysia with her parents until she’s 16 years old.

I asked Miss.Yuumi on the challenges of tv shooting in Malaysia and her thoughts of the two countries.

– Congratulations on the role in the Malaysian TV series!

Thank you very much. It was my first acting, moreover, it was difficult to act in Malay language.
I remembered the script, but there are many ad libs, and not everyone goes with the script. At first,it was difficult to follow. But the co-stars helped me a lot and changed the conversation to make it funny and make everyone laugh.

– You can ad lib in Malay language. How did you learn Malay?
I attended a local school in Malaysia, I learned Malay language in class, but I never really used it in daily life. When I was in junior high school I worked at a diving shop in Pulau Tioman for five months, that was when I really learned and practice the language.

– What language do you speak?

I am good at English. I can also speak Japanese, Malay and some basic Chinese. My Japanese has improved when I learned the Japanese tea ceremony in Japan.

– Is the quality of comedy in Malaysia similar to Japan?

Yes. I think they are quite similar.

– How was your shooting drama experience in Malaysia?
The shooting was fun. It was tough but I really enjoyed working with the team. I want to do it again.


– As a Japanese brought up in Malaysia, what is your thought for both countries?

Sometimes people say that “you are a half Malaysian.” Certainly, I can understand the feelings of Malaysians and Japanese people.
Japan is a very easy country to live in, very safe, but after all, it is too ordinary and it’s not fun because it is too perfect. Even people on the train seem to be so tired. I think that I’m glad I came to Malaysia.

– What is your hobby?

Well, there is no holiday in Japan. I am too busy to have a hobby in Japan because I am working in an office during the day, I am doing a byte at night and modeling.
However, I like cars, especially American cars and unusual vintage cars.

– Please tell us your future plans.
The base of my current work is Japan (Nagoya), but my parents live in Malaysia, so I come back once a month. Malaysia seems to be my family home, so I’d like to get involved from now on too. I would like to introduce something related to Japan as a Japanese, and think that I can do it for work. I would like to put out more wonderful places in Japan with Cool Japan project. I am certified to conduct the Japanese tea ceremony, so I think I can teach it to Malaysian.

– Thank you very much.

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J. K. K. Season 2, a co-production drama between Nippon TV and TV 3, is on air from November 20th!

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