A lovely Airbnb experience in Sapporo, Hokkaido – 9800 yen for four people!

If you are planning to travel in Sapporo, maybe your question is where to stay, right? Hotel or Airbnb? It is a big problem.

■Airbnb or Hotel in Sapporo? That is a problem…

Especially for a big family, staying at a hotel is a waste of money, and inconvenient.

Lately, one of my readers recommended an Airbnb house in Sapporo.


Upon checking the comments on Airbnb, it sounded quite fantastic!

If I could give 10 of 5 stars I would definitely give it! Definitely the best airbnb room I have ever been to for the entire Japan tour. Place was easy to find and accessible to both the subway and tanuki street. Very spacious and have very good facilities. Way more spacious that what was shown in the photos….. I could write an entire essay to praise this airbnb.. 500% recommended to all…..

Aya’s flat is very colourful and bright, also close to the subway and Odori Park. There are loads of restaurants in the area. Good location.

Warm and comfortable room here. When we got in, there are many things prepare for us. Hair dryer, sanitary napkins, and the little kitchen with refridgerator also been prepared. Aya always answer me, not such a long time when she saw my message. It was decorated by Ghibi studio picture at the wall. TV and play station also been prepared (but I don’t have time to play it). The room was clean and it’s nice to get to the station (Hosui-Susukino subway station) about 400m walk. I hope I will visit here again 🙂

So I contacted the owner, Aya. She told me that she would suggest a variety of plans for the visitors. Wow!

■One day travel plan in Sapporo by a local Japanese

One of her plans is like this.

9am Moriwa mountain ski area in Sapporo


13pm Lunch at 【Soba meshi dokoro Kamei-an】 in Sapporo

Soba kui dokoro kamei an
Soba kui dokoro kamei an

14pm desert pancake 【Ajisai coffee】

Pancake at Ajisai-coffee in Sapporo
Pancake at Ajisai-coffee in Sapporo

15pm shopping center Mitsui Outlet Park, Sapporo

Mitsui Outlet Park in Sapporo
Mitsui Outlet Park in Sapporo

18 pm dinner of seafood 【Hachikyou】in Sapporo

Ikuradon at Hachi-Kyo in Sapporo
Ikuradon at Hachi-Kyo in Sapporo

1930 pm Snow festival in Sapporo

She also recommended Jouzanken-Onsen.
Hey…I have never known there is such a lovely Onsen (hot spring) in Sapporo!

Jouzanken-Onsen in Sapporo.
Jouzanken-Onsen in Sapporo.

Aya has another room in Hiragishi, Sapporo.


They say that they will give you a discount for our readers…

By the way, you can enjoy Hokkaido throughout the year. Enjoy!

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