Visit Kamakura and enjoy the historical views here

If you are planning to visit Tokyo, but at the same time, you want to visit a historical city like Kyoto, I recommend that you visit Kamakura, one of the oldest historical cities near Tokyo.

Kamakura is one of the oldest cities in Japan. In 1180, Kamakura became the political centre of ancient Japan. You can find several old temples, shrines, and even a huge Buddha statue here. Kamakura reminds Kyoto because of its atmosphere.

Kamakura is a coastal town near Tokyo. You can also enjoy the mountain hikes and the beach here.

Hokokuji temple


The Hokokuji temple is one of the Zen temples in Kamakura, which had been built in 1334.
This temple is very well known for its beautiful bamboo forest, which has over 2000 bamboo trees. There is also a tea house where you can enjoy a cup of tea.

Hasedera temple

The Hasedera temple is known for its beautiful garden, which has a wide variety of flowers. It is also called the “flower temple”. It also has a Kannon museum, which houses many national cultural treasures.

Kamakura – Great Buddha of Kamakura (Diabutsu), Kotokuin.


The Great Buddha is an outdoor bronze Buddha statue, which is located at the Kotokuin temple in Kamakura.
This is the second tallest bronze Buddha statue in Japan. The tallest statue is the Great Buddha in Nara.
The one in Kotokuin was built in 1252 and was originally inside a temple. However, the hall was destroyed by a storm in 1334. After many resurrections and destructions, it now stands in the open air.

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