A Malaysian Chef Won the No.1 Official Japanese Cuisine King Competition.

On December 15, Malaysian assistant chef Cheong Cherng Long won the final round of the Japanese-style cooking contest, “The Japanese food World Challenge 2016”, which was sponsored and organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan.

Cheong is currently working at a sushi restaurant “Oribe” in Kuala Lumpur.

His “Akamutsu no kenchin yaki” (Baked fish and vegetables) was highly appreciated by the judges.

“The Japanese food World Challenge 2016” is a Japanese cuisine contest for chefs who tackle Japanese cuisine in various countries of the world.

A panel of Japanese cuisine experts judged the entries on their “Japanese-ness,” perfection, originality, and attitude.

The 23 chefs (covering 18 countries and regions) were selected to the final stage.

The silver prize went to Sean Pressland of Australia, the bronze to Songkran Com New of Thailand with the US and Scottish chefs following.

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