【Yuumi’s Diary vol.3】From the Chita Tower


Morning view from Chita Tower mansion !

I went to Chita Tower on my off day last weekend. The view is from 28 floor and It was really beautiful!


Chita Tower is at Chita-hanto edge of the main land, its takes 2 hours from my home Nagoya.

This place is famous for octopus 🐙 and seafood.

Fresh from my garden !!

I love to grow plants and I have my own croft in my house 🏡

Currently I grow summer vegetable like cucumber, tomato, eggplants and more … I don’t need to buy vegetables at the grocery so I can save money and I can eat home made organic vegetable.

I cook myself Hiyashi-chuka (cold ramen) and all vegetable is from my garden 😆😆

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