Hello! I am Fumiko , a talent promoter and content maker

Hello! I am Fumiko Nakamura, a talent promoter and content maker.

I am managing a company with Mr. Amir. We always look for things that connect Malaysia and Japan. I have been living in Malaysia for five years.

First of all, I would like to wish you all Salamat Hari Raya!
Take this!

The one who wears tudung is me.

My husband is a movie producer, but he absolutely (100%) spends more time on fishing!

My eldest son is a good skater but he had his arm dislocated recently.

We have another son and also a daughter but I don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. They are so cute.

I am a Japanese but I had spent my high school days in Canada. I was a very impressionable teenager then.

I also spent two years in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time I was a sensitive single woman who loved to party.

Despite living abroad for five years, my English had never improved; instead I used body language a lot to communicate with others. But at the same time, I was touched by many things. I wished to learn to think and act like how people in these countries think and act. However, upon returning home, I found myself no longer able to communicate with Japanese people very well. Today I feel comfortable living abroad.

This is the third time I live abroad, but still I have experienced a lot of culture shock!

Sometimes I like to compare how things are in Japan, Canada, Thailand, and Malaysia; and I found that Malaysia is the best place to learn things. As a person who likes to make friends, I find this very exciting. Malaysians themselves may not even know how charming they are, I think.

Malaysia and Japan appear to be a lot different when we compare our value systems and time perception. However, culturally we do share something in common. For example, food. I think we share the same root. Thanks to Malaysia, now I really feel so.

I would love to let Malaysians know about good aspects of Malaysia if possible. I would also like to call for your support to three Japanese talents who respect and love Malaysia from the bottom of their hearts.

They are:
Rio Yamase, a Hardanger violinist
Yuumi , an international model
KL Kinjo, a comedian.

I wish to write my rants here in English. If I write in Japanese I’m sure I will get whacked. I also wish to ask for your advice on problems that bother me, in English. I am afraid that Japanese people will laugh at me if I write those problems in Japanese.

It is tough to be a Japanese! Hahaha!

Let us exchange our views on various topics. Thank you!

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