Of Orangutans’ Home and Toilet Paper

Hi! This is Aunty Fumiko.

Considering my role and daily works as an intermediary between Japan and Malaysia, it seems unavoidable but still I have to admit that it is challenging to deal with cultural gap. I often feel lost.

I have been living in Malaysia since five years ago. Since the third year or so, I have gotten used to eat with my hands and wash my buttocks using a hose. Now I wish to reflect on my previous habit of wiping my buttocks with toilet papers from Malaysia’s forests.

It is now my fifth year in Malaysia. I can’t use Malaysia’s forests just for the sake of making my buttocks happy! I like this part of me. Isn’t it obvious enough? Forests are of course more important than our own butts. I’ve got this feeling that we can’t take away the orangutans’ homes.

Perhaps nowadays there are also orangutans that have problem finding enough food. “Eh!! They chop down our jungle so that the human beings can wipe their butts?!” Perhaps this is what they think.

Yet, in Japan, I would not have the chance to ponder on fundamental things like this. I think no one would commend the buttocks of a person who wishes to protect the forests. So I would like to feel proud of myself here.

I don’t use Malaysia’s forests to wipe my buttocks! I don’t want to subscribe to those prevalent yet mistaken views about children and nature.

It is like my brain has been so indoctrinated that the thought is so deep-rooted.

I willfully judge various things even without being aware of it. Anyway even if I’m judgmental, I always want to think of the origin of the origin of good things!

But when I get too occupied with work, it gets difficult to understand things.

I wish I can skip work to think matters like this through.

Thank you!

Bye ☆

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