Arisa’s Adventures : JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert

Last weekend’s concert was the moment history was made for Malaysia’s entertainment industry, first of its kind to be ever done on Malaysian grounds a collaboration between both countries in conjuction of their 60th years of Establishment.


Toybox Productions proudly presents JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2017 and it wouldn’t have been this successful if it wasn’t for all the people involved who dedicated their time and effort to push through ensuring the concert took flight regardless of the obstacles faced.
So we would like to give a big shoutout to the organizers, sponsors and everyone else for the amazing work!


As a Malaysian myself, who have waited a very long time to see something like this come true, was indeed a dream. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect memory like this and we do hope with this support it will help unlock more opportunities for future Japanese entertainment industry to perform on our shores.
Our countries friendship is a proof that everything is possible regardless of our cultural background or language differences.

The concert started off with Japanese idol group Juice=Juice who took the stage by storm with their youthful energetic song and dance as an opening act that kept the crowd wild!
Followed by FAZZ who made quite an impression to all the attendees that night with their powerful vocals, we wish you all the best for your upcoming tour in Japan and those who would like to catch them there may check out their page for the schedule.

Valhalla was beautiful!

Former member of AKB48, Tomomi Itano who used to charm everyone with her cute idol performances gave us a refreshing new look with her enticing performance and it’s also nice to see local singers like Alvin Chong, Jacklyn Victor, Joe Flizzow and Bunkface gracing the stage to support this event as well. It felt almost like a nostalgic gathering.

Thank you for agreeing to take a picture with me!
My overly happy face when i got an autograph

The night did not end just there especially when, consisting MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi kept the crowd jumping to their beats and An Café making all the girls out their swoon over their boy-ish charms.

Of course they kept the best for last, the moment Queen of J-ROCK- Anna Tsuchiya came on stage and her one of her notable covers from the anime series NANA played – “LUCY” everyone totally lost it.
She also performed “Kuroi Namida”, “Rose”, “Stand by Me” before ending with a spontaneous local childhood song “Rasa Sayang” which she only learned a couple hours backstage before it was her turn.

This was a night to be remembered the rest of our lives indeed, everyone did an amazing job!


Though it might be the first time for all Japanese performers here in Malaysia, we do hope you have enjoyed your brief stay here and looking forward to welcome you back with open arms! Let us know when you are here again and we’ll bring you around for a full Malaysian experience (involves tons of eating!).


Signing off, Arisa who has cried so much tears of happiness that night because she finally got to meet her idol Anna Tsuchiya in person after 10 years! 🙂



Writer: Arisa Chow アリサ・チョウ



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