Traditional foot spa in Kyoto

Kyoto, where the old world meets the new, traditions that has been passed down from one generation to another trying its very best to retain the originality of its culture while still embracing the modern ones in order to provide visitors from all over the world an unforgettable lifetime experience.

There is just this unspoken charm about Kyoto that attracts people to it, both new and returning visitors, i guess this is what you call “the magic of Japan”.
Every visit will bring you a new refreshing experience from the previous one and one can never get bored of Japan for what it has to offer.

Unspoken secrets in Kyoto

Kyoto is actually a very big prefecture from what people perceived it to be, it spread out all the way making it impossible for one to cover all its attractions within a few days stay and you will most definitely need a help of an insider in order to experience Kyoto’s best kept secrets!

But if you are reading this article, then you are definitely in for a treat for your next visit.

For those who have visited the Western part of Kyoto, Arashiyama would know about it’s iconic landmarks like the luscious bamboo forest and Togetsukyo Bridge (“Moon Crossing Bridge”) but after a whole day of walking around the area, our feet are bound to get rather sore regardless of how comfortable your shoes area, muscles will cramp and all you want is a place to sit down before you make it back into the city.

Then you would most definitely would like to try out a traditional foot spa and massage located within a short walking distance from Arashiyama station named Arashiyu. It offers one of the best services around this small quaint town, with one of a kind natured infused spa and massages.

Only those who have heard of them by word of mouth would know about this place as it’s is slightly rather hidden away from the bustling main walkway, it is definitely worth a brief stop by to unwind those tense sore muscles and regain back your strength for another round of exploration.
If you are feeling rather peckish, they too have some traditional desserts (wagashi) served with matcha which you can order while enjoying the foot spa session.


The beauty of their services is because of it’s calm and relaxing (zen) environment with aesthetically pleasing foot spa baths filled with seasonal flowers. This idea was born from a very passionate beauty and spa practitioner, Anna-san who’s dream is to share with the world her culture in a traditional yet modern manner.

It definitely slowly caught the instagram community’s attention with all those beautiful photos uploaded (#嵐湯) and people from every corner of the world made it their must visit stop-by destination in Arashiyama because you won’t find this service anywhere else.

Arashiyu has also proudly earned it’s excellent star rating on TripAdvisor!
So do take this opportunity to enjoy your autumn holiday in Kyoto with a relaxing foot spa and massage before heading home.

Opens : Monday – Sunday
Hours: 11:00 – 19:00

35-40 Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8384, Kyoto Prefecture

+81 75-406-0010

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