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Luxury Residence Hotel in KLCC area. Let’s enjoy fancy life in the city!

Mirage Residence KLCC

Hi, I am Aya, a Japanese and married local Chinese Malaysian guy and try hard to find you an extremely good accommodation even I caught a cold recently! No worry and please stay tuned! This time, I would like to introduce you a Residence Hotel which located in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) area. It’s just near to Petronas Twin Tower! The different point from usual Hotel style, it’s a Residence type of accommodation with kitchen and just like a spacious condominium. Suitable for long stay, short stay, business traveler or even weekend leisure stay as well.

As you can see the master bedroom is HUGE with the BIG window covered with glass! Gorgeous! Get the all the wonderful Malaysia night view to myself! If you are in high floor then the view will be difference. (It’s depends on room.) Grab a glass of wine with your own bathrobe and totally let yourself be intoxicated by the good view. It’s a good ideal!

BIG, BIG, BIG living room with the giant dining room.

The kitchen is with the U shape counter table and it’s user-friendly. Equipped with Oven, IH etc and facilitate your cooking time. Call your friend and get the party started! Home Party Time!
Look at the sink! It’s BIG! It’s pretty hardly to find the big size sink in Malaysia houses! Good! Usually, the size of sink is not big enough fit a big deep pot or even a pan. Furthermore, spoons, forks, plates and so on provide upon request.

Look the BIG closet even fit me inside in the master bedroom. Spacious space to cover your clothes, shoes etc. It’s convenience for longstay.

With Bathtub! But the water may not as hot as you imagine as I wrote another write up for other places. There are water heater systems in Malaysia but if just let the hot water pouring out, the hot water maybe will turn back to “water” but no worry because there are no problems for the temperature for bathing. I think it’s because Malaysia people normally don’t often do deep-soaking in bathtub like Japanese and there also different feeling of what is the good temperature for bathing and it also depends on different ethnic group in Malaysia.

There is a balcony for laundry and just beside the kitchen. (With washing machine.)

Shy garden, Sky lounge, Sky Jacuzzi at roof top
Fancy place!

Available rent this place for party. With Kitchenet. Balcony spaces surround the lounge and it’s outdoor, available to go out to enjoy Kuala Lumpur beautiful city view. Women unable to resist it. Included me.

What a wonderful relaxing time if try the forest bathing at the roof top in the hustle and bustle city! ‘forest bathing’, Japan is called shinrin-yoku (森林浴) in Japanese. Furthermore, you can find the Petronas Twin Tower view from the Shy garden. At the facility floor, Kid’s playground, swimming pool, gym, BBQ area is available. The swimming pool area is different from other as it covered by ceiling and consider indoor! For the lady who concern for the strong UV sun light, no worry anymore if you stay in this condominium. ‘Lady’ friendly.

・Please do not forget to enjoy the Jacuzzi at the roof top! You can also enjoy a walk in the greenery environment in the Sky Garden Terrace. Also, the daytime view and night view is totally difference, please check in out! (25F)
・There are no Japanese staff here and if the booking is go through E & A WORKs & Tabiniko, we will try to help during stay.
・With WiFi
・Only 3bed room with bathtub

Mirage Residence KLCC sales point
「Near KLCC Twin Tower」+「Great Relaxing at Sky Garden Terraces roof top」

Room Introduction
・Executive Suite (3 Bedroom) 1King bed + 2Queen bed No breakfast 6person RM350Nett~
・Available to for monthly rental, please kindly send us inquiry.
※All rate only for reference. Subject to be changed without notice. Please kindly inquiry in case of booking.
※Tourism tax will be imposed from 1st Sep 2017, RM10/room/night. (obligated to pay at local.)
※Nett : Included Taxes.
Detail please check:

Contact for inquiry and booking
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