Sake and rice tasting event @Isetan Japan Store

Isetan Japan Store will be presenting THE TABLE×Azumino Ikeda in Nagano from Japan.
Special menu can be sampled at each store from our special event THE TABLE×Azumino Ikeda Rice and Sake tasting.

Date & Time: January 19th , 2018 13:00~15:00、16:00~20:00
January 20th 13:00~17:00
January 21st 13:00~17:00

Venue : ISETAN the Japan Store Kuala Lumpur, THE TABLE 4th restaurant floor.
OPERATING HOURS : 11:00 ~ 21:00 (LGF to 3F)

Where is Ikeda Town?

Ikeda Town is located in the north/western area of Nagano Prefecture. To the west rises the Northern Alps mountains, with mountains ranges rising above 3,000 meters, with magnificent scenic landscape as far as the eyes can see.

The area is well known for its rich agricultural heritage, and is known as one of the leading rice producing areas in Japan. Ikeda is also home to two sake(rice wine) breweries (Name of the breweries here – with web links).

A well-known tourist destination, Ikeda Town is also well known for its spring flower and cherry blossoms, visitors can also enjoy the town all year round,

in the summer, chamomile and lavender flowers bloom and lightening bugs fly, in the Autumn, seven-colored great Japanese maple tree, and magnificent Northern Alps sports in the winter.

Do you know “Nagano Prefecture”?

Nagano Prefecture, located just 2 hours by train north of Tokyo, is an area with abundant natural resources and beauty, and is famed for its ski resorts and hot springs..
Nagano became a popular travel destination after it hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics.

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