Let’s Enjoy Halal Kobe Beef Dinner (Tsuki Usagi)


No Kobe trip would be completed without having Kobe beef, after the fun filled day of walking around Kobe there’s definitely extra calorie allowance for a feast!


Also an interesting fact that not all Japanese has tried Kobe beef, even those who are living in Kobe. But no denying it’s one of those luxury food that one should try at least once in their life, so we are introducing Tsuki Usagi to you.


A small quaint place where you can enjoy your meal in peace (not overly crowded), advance reservations are needed to avoid disappointments.


Now Muslim travelers can enjoy Halal Kobe beef!


Muslim travellers can enjoy Kobe beef in peace over here as their meats are certified halal by the Islamic Center of Japan. Also they are (Sanda Meat Corp) the direct supplier for all halal meats throughout Japan. Sauces used in their cooking are also certified halal like their Miso soup paste, Soy sauce, Ponzu and even the Vinegar!


Kobe beef




Each piece is cooked to perfection

Each piece is cooked to perfection
This whole trip just takes a day without having to stay the night, hope these suggested locations can be part of your future travel itinerary, stop by and enjoy the beauty of Kobe as this city is more than just about beef.
Look forward to our part 2 article where we bring you over the valley and snowy mountains of Kobe.


Tsuki Usagi

Facebook | www.facebook.com/HalalKobeBeef/
Hours | 5pm- 12am
Contact | +81 78-325-3327




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