Mount Rokko Attractions

Kobe is a city that’s famously known for its beef but for those with diet restrictions due to religion or person preference wouldn’t be able to enjoy Kobe beef, so why not enjoy the other exciting activities that this city has to offer. Mount Rokko is located roughly about 10-15mins away from the city and there are buses / trains that makes the location easily accessible to tourists. Bus schedule departing from Sannomiya station can be found here

Upon reaching the Mount Rokko cable car station there is a Rokko Sanjo bus that goes around the area taking you to various stops like Rokko International Musical Box Museum, Rokko Alphine Botanical Garden, Rokkosan Country House, Rokko Snow Park (only during winter), Rokko Shidare Observatory and Rokko View Palace (for food & souvenir shopping). Arima Onsen is just a ropeway ride away at this point once you are at the mountain top. You can plan to either just stop for a hot soak at their Gin & Kin onsen or stay at the Ryokan for the night.



Rokko International Musical Box Museum
Filled with all kinds of musical boxes from different countries, amazing craftsmanship can be found in every piece, visitors can also join the live size musical box concert (schedule based, every half an hour) and also bring home your very own assembled Musical box with their assembling class, prices starts from 1,600 Yen.



Rokko Snow Park

Only available during winter (December to Feb) this snow park is a winter wonderland for both adults and children whether advanced or beginner level as it has a few types of slopes available for skiing and sledding activities. Equipment can be rented within the park.



Rokko Shidare Observatory


A modern abstracted dome built on top of the hill overlooking Kobe city designed by the famous architect, Hiroshi SANBUCHI. Available for viewing both day and night time depending on the weather forecast. For night view, the dome illuminates expressing colors of the four seasons on Mount Rokko, more information can be found here.



Rokko View Palace


Not only offers diners with a spectacular mountainside view which reaches as far as the borders of Osaka city, they have halal menu available for Muslim customers featuring seasonal dishes. Prayer rooms can also be found at most areas in Mount Rokko, so Muslim visitors can visit Kobe city at ease.



Dining with a view

Halal food Menu


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