Things To do in Kyoto For Summer


Kawadoko Style Dinner


Kawadoko means riverbed in English and this activity is only practiced in Kyoto during summer, there are many parts of Kyoto that offers Kawadoko styles dining from the city area to the country side. Most of them requires booking in advance especially during peak season (July- August) however this seasonal event starts in June a perfect month to enjoy this experience as it’s still a cool period.
Kawadoko dinners usually require reservations, as it’s a course dinner and an average cost per head starts from 10,000 yen onwards. Truly a unique Kyoto summer dinner experience to try out.



Hydrangea viewing

Everyone flocks Japan during spring to view dainty sakuras but little did tourists know that Summer brings a surprise as well aside from its scorching heat and prolong rains, a flower that blooms once a year only during the rainy season- Hydrangeas
They come in various of colours and best viewed towards the end of June (peak season), A famous viewing place in Kyoto is Mimurotoji which is known as the Ajisai- Ji (hydrangea temple), there are over 10,000 blooms over there and admission fee is 800 Yen per adult



Cooling Photogenic Foot bath


If you are planning to visit the outer parts of Western Kyoto like Arashiyama which is more cooling during this period due to the lush green landscape and large river, drop by Aarashiyu a traditional Japanese foot spa to have a cooling and photogenic foot bath to help cool off. It features seasonal flowers and plants to make your experience more aesthetically pleasing. Summer flowers are now hydrangeas!
Arashiyu: 616-8384 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyō-ku, Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, 35-40


Wear A Yukata

Everyone who travels to Japan wishes to dress in an elegant Kimono for beautiful travel shots however one can suffer from heat stroke due to the layers, why not opt for a lighter and summer version of a kimono that feels cooling on the skin as it’s made from 100% cotton fabric, a Yukata.
Looks as equally pretty and it’s not too expensive to buy one back as a souvenir too! Yukatas are sold only during summer period, so it’s difficult to find during other times of the year, some can go as low as 2500Yen for a Yukata and obi belt set!



Enjoy Unagi dishes

Unagi are abundant during this period as it’s believed that eating eel dishes gives you energy during the hot and lethargic summer days. It would be highlighted in most stores as a seasonal dish, so take this opportunity to try out one if you have not, take note that there will be queues in famous unagi stores all over Kyoto so make sure to have a bottle of water with you during the wait to stay hydrated.

Enjoy summer season in Kyoto!


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