Vending machine for free magazines?

As you already know, there are a lot of vending machines in Japan. However I have never heard of a vending machines for free magazines, even in Japan(If you know any, please let us know). Why do you have to use a vending machine for distributing free things? (Aunty Coco)

GOASIAPLUS magazine unveiled Malaysias first and only facial recognition vending machine for the magazine at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2). The unique vending machine is currently located at Level 3 (Departure) at the gateway@klia2 mall.

GOASIAPLUS is a free travel magazine. But our question is…why do you set it for free magazine?

Our monthly publication often comes with free gifts or product samples and we believe that this vending machine is a clever way to ensure that travelers and members of the public have a fair opportunity to obtain a copy of our free-of-charge magazine,” explains John So, Director of Publishcom Asia Sdn Bhd, the publisher of GOASIAPLUS magazine.

According to So, the vending machine uses a special face recognition software to distinguish an individuals facial features through pre-determined algorithms and then dispenses one copy per individual on a monthly basis. In line with privacy laws, there is no facial image or data collected and re-used by GOASIAPLUS in anyway. This platform is strictly used to control distribution and all data is flushed at the end of each month,” So reiterated.

GOASIAPLUS magazine currently has a circulation of 12,000 copies. In addition to being distributed for FREE at KLIA and klia2, the magazine is also exclusively available in departure terminal of KLIA Ekspres at KL Sentral, and inside Aerobus and Yoyo Bus airport shuttles that are servicing over 300,000 travelers monthly. GOASIAPLUS also has an online version at

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