Amanohashidate | Kyoto by the sea

The only place in Kyoto with a sea view, also known as one of the TOP 3 SCENIC SPOTS in Japan!

From Kyoto station to Amanohashidate
There is a direct bus from Kyoto station, it’s also a cheaper option compared to the direct train which costs double and takes roughly the same amount of time to reach. There are also supposedly “cheaper” train options but it requires several exchanges and takes over 3 hours, so best to just skip that option unless you don’t mind the scenic view.
Direct Train: 4500 yen (2hrs)
Direct Bus: 2800 yen (2 hrs)
You’ll need to check the schedule ahead since there’s only 3 buses going up & down daily, you also wouldn’t want to miss the last bus back down to town unless your plan is to stay overnight in Amanohashidate.
The bus will make a stop at one of the highway rest stops if you need to use the bathroom, stretch your legs or get something to eat before reaching its destination

Going Across the Bay
From the main part of town where the bus drops you off (in front of Amanohashidate station), you’ll need to get across the sand bay to get up to the Observatory deck in order to view “The Heaven’s Bridge”. Visitors can opt to rent bicycles (500 yen + for one day) or the ferry (530 yen-one way) as the entire bay route is estimated to be 3km+. Ferry option is more recommended for elderly people or with children.

Going up the Observatory
To get up here, it’s 850 yen for adults and 450 yen for children 6 years and above, kids below 6 is free. There are 2 ways to hitch a ride up the observatory deck, one is on a covered tram while the other is just a floating chair. Not advisable for children below 12 years old and those who are afraid of heights though there is safety net beneath you.
Once you have reached the top don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking view of Amanohashidate by doing the “Matanozoki” pose! It means looking upside down in between your legs, this way the bay looks as if it’s part of the sky.


Amanohashidate is also a famous beach hang out spot among Japanese locals during summer to cool off!
More details or inquiries of the place you can visit their official website: (english ver)


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