Hotel Imagine Kyoto – Now Open!

Most anticipated fashionable and modern style Ryokan cum hotel in Kyoto has officially opened its doors to guests on February 2019, just in time for Sakura viewing season too.
Easily accessible by foot or car, this hotel is less than 500meters from Kyoto station Hachijo East Exit (Shinkansen exit) and its highly strategic location makes trips to popular local attractions a breeze.
It’s overall bold and unique design is easily spotted by passer-by’s, beckoning them to the hotel’s doors.
The 4 floored building is furnished with 13 spacious and family friendly rooms and comes in 5 different designs; abiding with the hotel’s concept of Japanese “Omotenashi”. Every attention to detail from material choices to designs, mirrors Japan’s culture.


(In photo): Every room is equipped with a tatami area


Symbolic elements such as the Hexagon tiles used in the hotel is called “Kikko”, a common tortoiseshell pattern used throughout Japan as a symbol of longevity and good luck/ fortune. The ceiling is adorned with a Japanese bamboo weaving technique called “Ajiro”, whereas modern elements like white marble tiles are used to give it a minimalist yet luxurious finishing.



The hotel’s name is inspired by a classical song – Imagine by John Lennon as it is the founder’s dream to “Imagine everyone around the world under one roof in harmony”.
A place where travellers can call home in Japan.



Hotel Imagine Kyoto uses a “Furoshiki” (風呂敷) logo to represent its brand; this cloth wrap plays a significant role in Japanese culture and history. One of Furoshiki’s main purposes since olden times were as gift wraps, locals would carefully package gifts in decorative Furoshiki fabric as a thankful gesture.
From a simple cloth spread, the art of wrapping was born.
Quoted from the founder’s words “This logo was created with the idea of presenting guests with Japanese hospitality (omotenashi) as a gift”.




Hotel staff are able to converse in Japanese, English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin


Hotel Imagine Kyoto currently holds a full 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and is available for booking on major travel booking sites such as, Expedia, Rakuten Travel (JP) &
Types of Rooms:

• King Room
• Superior Twin Room
• Deluxe Twin Room
• Standard Twin Room with Sofa
• Japanese Family Suite

Room Facilities:

• Exclusive Japan Quality Beds
• Ion Plasmacluster Air Humidifier & purifier
• Hairbeauron Hair Dryer
• BALMUDA Electric Kettle
• PROVINSCIA(プロバンシア) Body Care

Additional Services:
Free Rent Items

• Traditional Cotton Yukata Robe set
• Towel set
• Clothes Iron
• Hairbeauron styling tools
• ReFa Facial Massager
• Luggage scale
• Extension cord
• Adaptor
• Mobile Charger
• Umbrella
• Baby bed
• Muslim Prayer Set

Washer………………¥200 (detergent included)
Dryer…………………..¥100 (30mins)
Rental Bicycle…….¥1000 (1Day)
Luggage Delivery….Depends on size & weight



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