5 things to do in Fushimi, Kyoto!

Fushimi area is one of the 11 main wards in Kyoto city and people often known it as the home of the famous thousand vermilion tori gates- Fushimi Inari Taisha. But little did everyone know that this ward serves more than just that, Fushimi’s mountain water supply is one of the purest and “softest” throughout Kyoto and it’s used to make sake and other local alcoholic beverages. To the locals Fushimi is known as the “Sake District”!

Fushimi area has a lot to offer to tourists, and for those who are new to it; here is a mini guide on how to make the best out of your visit and if you are visiting during spring you can catch an amazing sakura stretch along Jikkokubune river where Biwako Canal and Takase Canal meets in Fushimi.

1.Rent a Kimono

What other way better than to explore the historical city clad in their traditional garment, just a few meters down from Fushimi JR station; Karen Kimono Rental store offers a wide selection of high quality Kimono for female, male & children at and affordable rate (starting from 2000 yen!). Professional kimono stylists will guide you in pairing your choices and they are multilingual too.

2.Hike up Inari Fushimi Taisha

Best visited in the morning before it gets too crowded and hot, you can opt to hike all the way up or at the viewing deck halfway for a breath-taking view of Kyoto city before heading down. It open 24/7 so tourists can go at night too to experience a different kind of atmosphere, just remember to bring a torch light and be careful of wild animals in the area.

3.Enjoy a Relaxing Foot Spa

After the long hiking up you can get a relaxing foot spa and some traditional snacks to refill your energy at Arashiyu Fushimi. We’ve shared about their first branch in Arashiyama before, this one of a kind insta-genic traditional flower foot spa can only be found in Kyoto.

Arashiyu Fushimi’s branch is slightly different as they offer new kinds of customizable foot spa services and also serves a delicious Amazake (low alcoholic fermented rice beverage).

Each foot spa session booked comes with a drink & small snack.

4.Edo style Boat ride at Jikkokubune Canal Cruise

Along this canal stretch is filled with sakura trees and there are ongoing daily boat rides which you’ll need to purchase first thing in the morning because it’s quite popular among locals especially during spring. They do not have an online ticketing system as this canal cruise is preserves its old practices dating back to Edo period!
Every season offers a different view, which to us are equally beautiful so pick a season you like best to visit it.

5.Sake History & Tasting at Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

Finally saving the best for the last, to learn more about the “Sake District”, visitors can head over to Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum! They’ve been around since 1637 and it’s one of Japan’s prominent brands to date, visitors can learn about how sake are made and even join in the sake tasting sessions. More about Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum can be found on their English website:

Before exiting the museum make sure to visit their souvenir section and buy a bottle of Fushimi water in a bottle, you’ll finally understand what we meant by “pure & softest” tasting water.


Writer: Arisa Chow アリサ・チョウ



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