About FuyooJapan

Welcome to Fuyoo Japan!
We aim to bring you the hottest news and information about Japan and Japanese culture from Malaysia& Japan. We provide them through a blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Who we are…
We are a mix team of Malaysian & Japanese editors & writers.

Fumiko Nakamura (Director). Also known as the founder and writer of Malaysia Magazine which is most influenced online Japanese magazine in Malaysia. She is also known as DJ Fumiko in the MaTic FM radio program.

Kyoko Nomoto (Editor in chief) Having more than 10 years experience as an editor for Japanese magazines, she also loves Malaysian culture and people. The specific areas are in computers, ITs, educations.

Amirrudin Jaafar (Editor and Writer)A Malaysian who spent almost 5 years in Kyusyu University, Japan during his study. After graduated, he worked with Japanese automotive industry for 3 as a company window person. Currently works as a Japanese translator and interpreter.

Khalid Takahiro (Editor and Writer) Started off his career in a trading company called Midori Tech Sdn Bhd. He is currently the general manager in the company. During his free time, he shares his knowledge on various field related to both Malaysia and Japan.